Nov 28 2012

The New Energies of 2012 Have Arrived… Watch the DFR Video

Hello Divine One,

The importance of embracing Divine Feminine Energy is buzzing in the socially conscious community… and for good reason.

This is a time of Celebration… For the first time in history… we are experiencing a Double Transformational Leap in Consciousness!

But what is Really about to Happen?

…with the New Feminine Energies Awakening on December 21st 2012?

We strongly need community…not just any Community, but that One, built on values that resonates with Us.

Our vision is to bring about a Whole-Hearted Community where we live, First and Foremost from the Heart practice of Mindfulness…Mindful about How we treat Ourselves, How we treat Others and How we treat the Planet.

Get into the conversation with us!

Take a look at the video and what I’ve created for you, Click Here



Take a look at the video and what I’ve created for you, Click Here

The balance of the Divine Masculine and Feminine is so vital in the governing of almost everything in the World today. It is certainly necessary if we are to keep in tune with Natural Harmony and Equilibrium.

Equally, and on an individual level, it is important for each of us to recognize when we are embracing both the Divine Masculine and Feminine as a Whole. When we do welcome in the balance of the two, then we can live Whole-Heartedly in Wholeness.

We are discovering the relevance this balance has on our lives, our community and our environment. Consider this:

How will your Shift make a Difference in the World dynamic?

We’ve each become fractured due to things that have happened in our lives (points of pain), but it’s time to shift those into points of purpose and return to Wholeness, and Live as an Integrated Being…. Living in Collaboration and Co-Operation

Join me in The Divine Feminine ReAwakening Summit this December to restore the parts of You that have been distorted from the old paradigm and embrace this New vision… Eram Saeed and I have created this to support all of us in the journey of healing our own masculine and feminine, using these New Energies that are available to us.

Click Here to Register for this Complimentary Inspiring Event

We have Heart-Centered speakers like: Ann Taylor, Amethyst Wyldfyre, Orna & Matthew Walters, Dawn Clark, Kaitlyn Keyt, Crystal Andrus and Me!

I will be discussing how those fractures turned into personas and the process of reclaiming the lost parts of you so you can come into Wholeness.

Let us be open to this New Era… and all of the gifts that are waiting to enter into our lives.

That is what the Divine Feminine Energy brings…

Activation of Awareness with Compassion in Action and Love… equals Ascension to a new level of Being.

Dancing in the Divine Light,


P.S. There are bonus gifts that I have set up for you when you join the Divine Feminine ReAwakening… So sign in to get on the list:

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Oct 01 2012

Return to Sender

Stop taking on the energy of others… the accumulation of other people’s energy causes you to become tired and feels heavy.

Gain more energy as you learn how to send back other’s negativity and keep their “stuff” from getting on you. Overcome your habit of carrying around people’s energetic baggage.

Sep 29 2012

Live Intuitive Readings… Oct. 9th



How to stop the insane cycle of repeating past relationship patterns… over and over again

And call forth Your Divine Beloved SoulMate

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The SoulMate Alchemy Seminar:

The secret to letting go of past flames, overcoming heartbreak and attracting your Beloved SoulMate

Sep 29 2012

Got Junk in Your Love Trunk?



Do you feel like you keep reliving the same relationships? Are you feeling stuck in the same old cycle… again?

Are you still attracting the same energy dynamic in relationships, but just with a different person?


If you’re finally ready to break the chronic cycle of unfulfilling or drama-filled relationships and meet an amazing partner in 2013 you will want to sign up for The Love Summit.


In this special NEW series, 18 of the leading relationship coaches, speakers and energy healing practitioners, like myself,  team up to bring you a 6-week Energy-Changing process.


During this four-step transformative process, you will be guided to clear those outdated blocks to love that are keeping you stuck in the same old relationship patterns.

You will discover how to prepare yourself to welcome in the love of your life… That is how to energetically clear all of the signatures that your ex’s may have left behind.

You will then recognize the necessary steps to magnetizing this special person… which involves increasing your self-esteem to become Radiant and Confident.

Lastly, you will understand what it takes to maintain a lasting, love-filled relationship and how to continue creating the initial chemistry you experienced in the beginning.


Find out what you have been doing wrong… Hint: it may be that you have been letting the wrong people in energetically. No Worries!

I will be sharing the tools and techniques that come with manifesting your SoulMate… It’s called SoulMate Alchemy.


Just registering for the Love Summit will include you in 3 private Live Intuitive Readings and Coaching Calls with me that will show you how your past loves may be stuck energetically in your field and causing you suffering in the areas of health, wealth and love.

Register FREE here for this amazing NEW Series  and get ready to Clear The Junk in Your Love Trunk!


This Summit begins October 2nd, 2012 with my good friend Sandra Fidelis. She and I will be doing our live call together on Oct. 9th, so tune in to get your live reading as I channel your Higher Self guidance on any question you may have.


Much love, happiness and health,



Sep 20 2012

How to Release Tension + (Video)

I recently discovered how much tension people hold and how it is causes so much restriction in their bodies. In order to claim a wealth of energy each day, we must be open.
To the degree that we are closed down, constricted and suffering determines the extent of vitality and stamina that we will experience on a daily basis.
There are many causes of tension in our lives… we have been trained to hold things in, to stuff things down and to dwell on the problem until our mind can find a solution.
Our tendency may be to avoid the issue all together and to hide out in a cave so to speak, to turn our back on things, people, circumstances so as not to have to deal with it. But the tension remains…
So what is the real cause of tension being held in the body?
Well let me tell you what I found is a major cause of this frustrating elusive issue called tension. It isn’t what you might think – It isn’t Stress…
It is Untruth.
Untruth causes incongruency within our mind, body, spirit connection. When we look at our current situation or circumstances and see them as incongruent to the things we are wanting, we immediately tense up.
The message that the mind sends to our body is that something is Wrong, Very Wrong and that there is a Problem.
Thinking Problem then throws our mental state into solution mode which uses a vast amount of our energy. It drains us! We start focusing on the solution rather than focusing on discovering the Truth of the situation.
Another cause of tension in regards to creating untruth are projections from others. You see, others have an agenda and when they place their agenda on us, well, that is when we feel the disconnect and incongruency.
We begin to think that something is wrong with us, with what we are doing and with our capabilities. We even go so far as to make up stories about how we are not good or smart enough, how we don’t compare to others or how we are never going to “get it” while others are flying high, moving forward andclaiming all of life’s gifts.
It’s time to let go of the tension and collapse the untruth that has built up pressure in our bodies due to negative projections from others, due to old patterns and paradigms.
I created a video for you to watch that will guide you through a process.


Much Peace and Happiness to You,

Aug 30 2012

What is Energy?

When you think of the term “energy” it usually becomes this elusive topic that no one can truly pin point, right?  Wrong. Real energy is not just what makes you “go”.  It’s not just electric shock waves that zap you… and it’s certainly not to be gotten in 5 hour bursts from a fruity energy drink shot.

It’s a real force that lays hidden deep within us.  Some call it Godforce. Others … the Universe.

But no matter WHAT you call it, it is responsible for the creation of your life, from moment to moment, and on more dimensions than we can truly fathom for ourselves…

HOWEVER – most people are totally shut-off from their natural energy field.  They dumb themselves down with bad diet… with overstimulation … prescription (or nonprescription) drug use…

…and mostly NEVER realize it … until it’s too late.  When their body is tired, their spirit is broken, and their mind is dreaming of a life that had never happened – there is nothing left but a mirage of “what if’s” and a broken heart.

Unfortunately…99.9% of the world population (who are infected with this energy-virus) don’t even realize it’s happening to them because their consciousness has been dumbed down to the point of total disconnection from the body, heart and mind.

But the other .1% knows better.  And that means you – since you wouldn’t be reading this unless you already realize the massive importance of energizing yourself and living a happy and fulfilling life.

That’s why I know you belong here:

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It’s a secret call series hosted by 29 of the world’s most respected transformational leaders, energy healers, practitioners and experts in natural health and spiritual well-being. This fascinating group gathers once a year to deliver their most cutting-edge insights into each field of their specialty.  And now, they’re giving all their juicy secrets away – for free.

After you click the link above and sign up for the webinar (and get your 7 free bonuses) you will look back at today and realize how much attending this call series has made a massive impact on your life.

You can thank me later :-)

Love, Light and Energy,


P.S. I am part of a video series that you receive when you register… It’s Fun and Insightful!

Did I mention the calls are LIVE and INTERACTIVE?  This is not just some sit-and-listen rah-rah session.  No.  This is pure back-and-forth content exchange with chances to get YOUR unique questions answered!

I’m not sure about you … but, I’m all in.  Join me by visiting this website:
Energized Living Today





Aug 29 2012

Wanna Empower Your Soul?

Ready to Empower Your Soul?

Who isn’t, right?

I’m on live tonight and would love to do a reading with you… It makes me happy when I get to support you using my gifts.


You make it possible for me to share and offer all of my Divine Intuitive gifts. I couldn’t do this without you.

Join me tonight and my friend Catherine Taylor who is the host of Empower Your Soul Summit so we can get you some clarity, direction and guidance from your Higher Self.



Here is the link to sign up for tonights call:


You can invite your friends as well, so spread the word and let’s all get empowered and on purpose.

Love and Light,


Aug 27 2012

From Stressed to Blessed

Setting Healthy Emotional Boundaries


Many of us end up juggling a dizzying array of stresses throughout the day. We have been taught to just “buck up” and take it, as if that’s just how life is… Stressful. But do you have to live as a circus performer, trying to juggle all of the many aspects of life? Is there a way to get through life without performing a crazy balancing act?


Perceived stress in your environment triggers an emotional response in the body. Stressful emotions held in the body may show up as fatigue, exhaustion, and nervous tension. So let’s start with these questions: How do you keep your environment from influencing your emotional/physical state of being? How do you set healthy emotional boundaries?


Let me give you one quick tip that can serve you to NOT physically take on the stress in your environment, so you can have a healthier and happier life.


You would do well to block the emotional triggers, by recognizing that what is occurring in your space has nothing to do with you… that’s right, I know it sounds a bit curious, but what if the emotional balls of stress that are being flung around you really have nothing to do with you personally?


By taking the Witness stance in your perception, you can observe the events in your environment as if you are watching a movie play out. In my training with NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) we learn about a process called dis-association….


This is not “checking out,” this is powerfully choosing. When we take over our power of perception by choice, we have more control of what influences our emotional state and therefore, the stress on our life and body.


So it’s up to you, if you don’t choose to juggle with the stress balls of life, then you can simply set them down and make another decision… to leave the stresses where they are, to not carry them around with you or play with them. The next time a stressful situation occurs in your space, just observe it as “interesting,” not taking it on… this will give your mind the healthy emotional capacity and time to create a positive solution instead of getting wrapped up in a juggling act.


Choose to be Blessed instead of stressed. Just let the balls of stress be, so you can BE, less stressed and even, Blessed!


This tool is a snippet taken from Christel Hughes’ E-course, Lighting up the Edges of Your Boundaries, how to not be the dumping ground of other’s “stuff”. Whether you want to overcome worry and anxiety, achieve greater degrees of healing, break free of inhibiting behaviors that are keeping you trapped, or bring more peace and happiness in to your life, this e-course gives you the tools you need to conquer the inevitable stresses of life with determination and ease. Ultimately, you are sure to be inspired and empowered with a variety of techniques to apply to your everyday life for years to come.

Check it out here:

Your Vibrant Health Secrets

Jul 18 2012

Please Join Me for a Free Reading and Clearing.

I’ve been asked to do a live Call and Clairvoyant readings… tomorrow at 1pm PT/4pm ET.

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Jun 16 2012

Creating Love On Purpose

In Honor of Summer Solstice I am offering my Energetic Management System online for no specific charge…


Simply, Pay What you Want!


Yes to honor all of You creating Love On Purpose out there, pay what you think is fair.


Here is the down low on this Transformational Tool Kit below. You can take your time to read it so you can get the value of it…

Then, click the link below, go to the page click the paypal button, put in the amount you wish to pay, hit the update button and viola!

It’s All Yours


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Energetic Management System: Your Transformational Tool Kit

(Live Group Coaching Calls, Instantly Accessible Online/Downloadable E-Guidebook & Video Package)


Energetic Management System, E-Guidebook

Energetic Management System, 6-Part Video Series

Energetic Management System, Live Group Coaching

Important: This is my no frills or fluff, to the point, condensed how-to process. Everything you need to balance yourself quickly and easily. It has all you need to Master your Energy and Master your Emotional State.

-Are you tired, feeling out of Control and going into Fight/Flight?

-Are you in need of a Tool kit that can energetically launch you from 0 to 60 in seconds?

-What if you could finally learn how to master your energy so that you could powerfully shift out of any debilitating state of mind?

We all know that your emotional condition has been scientifically linked to your mentality…

If you don’t have the tools to shift your mental State of Being then you are hindered in your capacity to live fully.

From the moment you are born till now, your life is a multitude of adjustments, shifts and changes. You get to choose how to perceive them through your choice of Perspective…

Are they opportunities or challenges, experiences of victimhood or growth?

This continuous process of choosing our Perspective occurs on all levels consciously or unconsciously…

And not just physically and emotionally but at the very foundation of all life – Spiritually.

It is at this foundational level, that all shifts are born.

With the Energetic Management System you take charge of your experience of reality through vibrational alignment with the emotion you want to experience.

In other words, what’s unfolding with the quality of your life,  are tangible results you may use to assess the integrity of your vibrational state.

Without judgment, you take action by utilizing your tools to create your personal experience.

Self-reflection simply becomes a touchstone to evaluate where you are on your journey.

The moment you realign with your original vibrational pulse, you come back into integrity with yourself…

Living Authentically then, every aspect of your life profoundly improves and harmony is restored in your body.

Energetic Management System E-GuideBook Supports you on your path of reclaiming vital life force energy and enlivening your reality so that you are capable of manifesting and living with Health and Happiness.

Inside you will have access to the most Powerful Techniques for instantly reclaiming energy:

  • Stop unnecessary moments of overwhelm by learning how to stabilize your system daily.
  • Learn how to gain inner vision to access the portals of your energetic system and open to receive.
  • Take charge of your emotional state and learn how to release the anxiety, confusion and frustration that blocks your Peace performance.
  • Start to live life your way by clarifying and choosing your emotional status at any given moment.
  • Discover your inner projector and and start playing empowering movies on your mind screen.

Energetic Management System 6- part Instructional Video Series: Instantly Accessible Online/Downloadable comprised of personal guidance in mastering your Energy and Perspective.


• Intro: Your Transformational Tool Kit: Overview of the EMS

  • Grounding Technique: How to stay strongly committed and focused on achieving your goals & Happiness, despite life happenings that can side-swipe you.
  • Body Scanning Process: How to thoroughly scan your body for discovering and locating, trapped energy that promotes illness & disease.
  • Emotional Releasing Exercise: How isolate the trapped emotions that hinder your health & livelihood and clear them out of your system for release and transmutation.
  • Emotional Replacing Exercise: How to reclaim your power through transmuting and replacing the old emotional baggage into transformational vital life force energy. This will allow you to use your reclaimed energy for fulfilling your goals.
  • Inner Imaging Process: Learn the process of identifying, shifting and eliminating the images you store in your subconscious mind. Shift into creator mode and artistically design your own inner images as inspirational movies connected to your Superconscious Mind.

Energetic Management System Live Group Coaching Call:

Learn the processes that I teach my high profile executives and celebrities. These are the tricks of the trade that I use as a Spiritual Trainer…

If you have ever wondered how the V.I.P’s keep up their energy as they travel the World, and deal with life’s issues, then you will want to be on this call.

I will go through each of the techniques in Your Transformational Tool Kit and explain in detail why and how they work. It’s important to not just read or watch the information discussed in the Energetic Management System, but to actually anchor the techniques in your Body, Mind and Reality.

Get yours now, click the link below, got to the page, click on the paypal button, put in the amount you wish to pay, hit the update button and viola!

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May you be Blessed!